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About Mind Coaching

"In 2016 I decided I was going to de-clutter and simplify life going into my 30’s. My journey with Angela in our coaching sessions has been an eye opener into how much excess “noise” I will have in my head at any given moment. Angela is helping me to realise not only that I am my worst enemy at times but the creator of the life that I am meant to be living. Thank you Angela for continuing to provide your support, life experiences and care towards me"

Sally, Melbourne August 2016

“I had the pleasure of working with Angela as a Life Coach and found her life experience, compassion and attention to detail not only refreshing but critical in turning around not only my attitude, but my whole life. With a keen sense of humour and honesty, Angela provides excellent guidance and support and I her services are highly recommended”

Jason – Brisbane July 2016

About My Courses

I sit here tonight reflecting over the last 6 mths. And they were amazing, I am so pleased I went with my gut instinct to follow my heart and do the NLP training with Angela Farlam and James Tsakalos. I simply can’t thank you both enough for enriching my life so much, with what I have learnt about myself, how I have helped my family, friends and how I can help others in the future.

If I can imagine it, I can achieve it. And if I can dream it, I can become it.

I can’t thank you both enough for helping me discover this Personal Power, the MAGIC, NLP brings. It has enriched my life so much and provided me with the insights and the skills I need to be more effective in my own life in the future. The course was amazing, very well balanced and there wasn’t a second I was bored. It was presented in an innovative way, very professional and meet the needs of our different learning styles. I gained a vast body of knowledge referred to as NLP and can go confidently in the direction of my dreams and live the life I have always imagined. My true learning has just begun and I look forward to extending my knowledge in the future.
For anyone reading this, thinking about it? Then I would suggest imagine your dreams, listen to your inner voice and follow your heart and do it

Thanks again for everything

Janet – Sunshine Coast

Since completing Angela’s 18 x Day NLP Practitioner Course, I find I am happier, healthier, fitter and much more focused on doing the things that are important to me.  The teachings have given me a powerful self awareness.  An attitude of ‘playfulness’ in life and I have felt really well equipped in dealing with all the challenges, big and small that have arisen.  Thanks so Much!

Stephen –  Sunshine Coast. QLD

“Thanks Ange for another amazing learning experience. I’ve learned more than I thought I would and in a completely different way to what I expected! I love the way it’s all come together perfectly & how you’ve reminded us to trust ourselves”. “A great two day course on the basics of hypnosis facilitated by Ange, who is genuinely lovely and is enthusiastic to share her wealth of knowledge and experience. Highly Recommended!

“The whole weekend was wonderful. It was delivered in a relaxed manner. Would recommend other to come to a workshop as Ange makes everything so easy!”

Thank you Ange for such a relaxing weekend. I’ve been on my own personal transformation over the last few years and today’s course cemented a lot of my learnings. I gained lots of clarity, lots of’ lightbulb’ moments and I’m sure it’s given me lots of confidence and skills to take me further forward and start to live my dreams.”

About My Workshops

Thank you Ange, for your time and insight on NLP and Circle of Excellence. Much appreciated and will use this mindful gift.

Shannon, Sunshine Coast

The Workshop was fun! The main thing I learned is that, to achieve my goals I do not necessarily need to work harder or overcome hugh obstacles, but I just need to stop holding myself back and just do what I want to do.

Daniel – Sunshine Coast

Angela’s two day workshop was what I was really looking for, after years of reading a heap of books, listening to CD’s, participating in online coaching, the workshop brought it all together providing a practical forum, with great useful tools that were demonstrated to really work.

I would highly recommend Angela’s services if you have any area of your life you want to improve.

David C – Sunshine Coast

I attended a two day Workshop with Angela in October 2010 not knowing what to expect. What a very pleasant surprise! The weekend was full, but not tiring and the people also attending were a great bunch.

It was such fun, but most of all, long standing issues which I had from my past and which were stopping me from moving on with my life, were addressed in a way which I could easily manage after I left the Workshop.

If anyone has issues which stop you from moving on in your life, or indeed need help with developing your skills for your employment, future, etc., then this is definitely for you.

I would highly recommend Angela’s Workshop.

Carol – Sunshine Coast

Angela’s course was a refreshingly relaxed journey of self discovery. Angela’s knowledge and tools helped me discover that I already have what I have been looking for! So simple and so easy.

Lynda – Sunshine Coast

About Gaining Clarity

Thank you so much for the session this week. My mind is in overdrive with positive thoughts!

Sunshine Coast. QLD

Thank you so much for today Ange. You are logical in such a caring way and, apart from the beautiful massage, i feel I have more clarity and presence to get through this blizzard I’m in. Hypnosis tonight (CD) after time with Dan & the boys. Then much needed sleep. Thank you again.

Marnie, Sunshine Coast. QLD

About overcoming Fear of Public Speaking

Great insight into hypnosis & NLP. I found the experience of being hypnotised amazing and very valuable. I have come away with a very useful tool to help overcome my fear of public speaking.
Angela is a lovely, friendly lady, very knowledgable and I appreciate her time and the chance of the experience.

Jodie, Sunshine Coast, QLD

About overcoming Fears and Phobias

I took the relaxation treatment to release me from claustrophobia. I have not been able to enter a lift for fifty three years and now I can use a lift! Other small changes now happen, although you do not realise this. It is magic, as I had a problem with my breathing, but now I breath normally through my nose. It is wonderful to be rid of stress. I get a wonderful sleep at night which I could never have.

I am in my Eightieth Year and If only I could have had this treatment years ago my life would have beem a lot easier. I am so grateful to Angela and all I can do is say Thank You Angela.

Patricia, Caloundra, Sunshine Coast

I would recommend seeing Angela as I had a problem driving over 80km and after one session I’m cured! The extra bonus is that I am a lot calmer and things to do with life don’t stress me out anymore. I have a “whatever” outlook on life. Thanks Angela, you have changed my life for the best!

Sharon, Sunshine Coast, Australia

In March 2011 I was admitted into hospital for a pacemaker fitting. I was born in 1984 with a congenital heart defect called Transposition of The Great Arteries. I had a big fear of needles and I also wanted to lose weight after my op to gain more confidence within myself.My mum (Angela) prepped me for the op by hypnotising me to release my fear of needles, this is true to form as on the day of the op, I let them come at me thick and fast, with no pressure and no fear! I also decided to have the operation under local anaesthetic even though I had previously told the Doctor I wanted to be asleep. After my op I wanted to lose weight to feel better about myself and to give me more confidence. My Mum hypnotised me again and also prepared me a hypnosis cd to listen to. Within days I felt great! the chocolate and chrisps were gone and in their place was salad and vegetables! I never thought I could do it!

I have been losing weight steadily now since March, at the start I was 11st 6lb and now (on the 9th October 2011) I weigh 9st.2lb and I am still losing the weight.

I have so much more energy, more confidence and I am no longer the fat slob who couldn’t be bothered to move. I am now a happier, slimmer me and I can honestly say, without my Mum’s help and without her hypnosis I wouldn’t be where I am today and for that I am truly greatful for everything she has done for me 🙂

Sarah Purcell. Whitby, North Yorkshire. UK

Just a wee note to say thank you for all your help. I am doing really well with being a passenger in the car, only twice feeling stressed. I am using the CD every other day at the moment. I feel so good that it is impacting on everything I’m doing which is great. I am much calmer in myself. Thanks again.

Joan D, Sunshine Coast

About controlling Food Cravings

I visited Angela in Whitby last week as she is back in #England and it was so lovely to see her, and to catch up as she was once a customer of mine in my salon and now I am a customer of hers! I had a problem withcraving chocolate every single day. I didn’t eat loads but felt like I had to have it and feel as though it spoils my healthy diet as I am quite good in everything else I eat. I tend to do the weight watchers plan and chocolate is allowed but I want to see if I can go without it. Anyway, this is my 7th day of not eating chocolate or even fancying any!!! There are two bars in the cupboard and they have not even enticed me to have some, I just feel like I dont want it any more!!! I have not lost weight yet but my weight tends to fluctuate in two weekly cycles, but I am sure this is going to work. Angela was brilliant and very professional, I really can’t believe it and so glad she is back in England for a while. So I highly recommend Angela’s Hypnosis!!! Try it, it really does work.

Karen Noble (Ex Whitby) Now Newcastle UK

About managing Insomnia

After 9 years of sleepless, restless nights, and after trying numerous Doctors including Naturopaths, Homeopaths, Acupuncture and every website I could find, I had almost resigned myself to the fact, that I would never have a good night’s rest again. It was then that a friend told me she was thinking of going to see Angela with reference to weight loss. I considered this as a last resort. On completion of my first session with Angela I felt as though I had known her my whole life. Whilst under hypnosis I felt completely at ease and in control. I have heard it said frequently that people were afraid of being under hypnosis and feeling defenceless. Let me assure you, I was at all times aware of my surroundings and could have stopped the session at any time. If you had ever thought of hypnosis and this was what held you back, please be assured that this was a most comfortable and relaxing experience. In summary, after my sessions with Angela I’m now sleeping peacefully throughout the night, and when I do wake can easily go back to sleep.

Carol, Sunshine Coast

I had three sessions with Angela to try to alleviate Obsessive behaviour as well as insomnia that had kept me from sleep my whole life. A week after my third and last session I slept thru the night for the first time in living memory. Thank you Angela I will be back for you to fix the rest of my problems!

Karene, Sunshine Coast

About managing physical and mental pain and illness

Your treatments were just right for me and gave a chance for my inner healing to respond and believe that getting better was possible.

Christine, North Yorkshire, UK

I was ill with a chronic fatigue condition, Doctors could find nothing wrong with me despite repeated tests. Yet I was permanently tired both physically & mentally, nauseous every time I tried to eat. Angela helped me by using a variety of therapies including Reiki, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Kinesiology & wonderful massages. I would heartily recommend you to visit her for healing, whether your problem be on a physical or spiritual level, or if you are simply seeking increased well being and wholeness.

Tracey, North Yorkshire, UK

Angela – what can I tell you about her?.. she is very professional and excellent at what she does. More than that though, she is a friendly, approachable person who I have never seen without a smile on her face. I have been having treatments from Angie for over two years now, keeping aches and pains away. The main thing is that Angie is one of the few people who was there for me after the death of my husband, giving me her shoulder to lean on, her ears to listen and the calming words of her wisdom. My loss is Australia’s gain.

Sandra, Whitby, Yorkshire, UK

I have had treatments with Angela for more than a year and have been amazed how she has been able to drastically improve my mental and physical health. My husband bought treatment vouchers for me as a christmas gift. I am very much a sceptic and would never have looked at alternative treatments to solve my problems. I was overjoyed when Angela was able to take away my irritable bowel symptoms, it was as though I’d been given a new life.

My Daughter has also had treatment from Angela and it has helped her tremendously. We have both been astonished how quickly we feel mentally and physically in balance after an hour with Angela. I believe Angela’s success comes from her interest in other people, she is a genuinely caring person. She never delivers “a one size fits all” treatment. Each session is tailor made to the client.

Anne, Whitby, North Yorkshire

About managing Relationships

I found Angela in the phone book after trying everything to get my energy back after my 2nd child. The main thing that was lacking was my love life and I had tried everything from meditation to counselling to hormone injections. I had little direction in life, all I knew was I was Mum to two beautiful babies.

Between my 2 visits with Angela, I also lost my job and was considering what to do next. Angela asked me what I wanted to do and to be exact in my details, not just the job description, where and when I would like to work as well…. 3 weeks later I was being interviewed at the exact spot I visualised and 4 weeks later I had the job. Angela taught me some life skills as well as successfully hypnotizing me and helped me to change my way of seeing things from my subconscious level. I had only ever seen people eating onions and clucking like a chicken when hypnotized so was a little sceptical but Angela made the process so gentle and natural that she felt to me like an old friend and just over a month later now, I am back on track, with focus and direction and my love life has picked up greatly as has my relationship with my Husband and Children.
Thanks Angela!

Rebecca, Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia

About controlling Smoking and Addictions

My visit with Angela to Quit Smoking was very enjoyable. I was sceptical at first, being my first time under hypnosis. It was very relaxing and achieved the result I was looking for. I would recommend this to anyone.

Dan – Sunshine Coast

About handling stress, depression and anxiety

I had no idea that hypnosis could be used for relaxation, or how powerful it is. It put me in a place that’s so far away, so incredibly tranquil, like the feeling after a long vacation. Its the little things that make the biggest difference and all the little things feel better, I feel less forgetful and like all my ducks are in an order all of the time. It all feels manageable.
Taking a CD of the session is fantastic, as when I need a top up I can sit back in a chair and get right back to that feeling of floating. This was my first time and I’ll definitely be going back for more!

Iain, Brisbane, QLD

After my husband had hypnosis with Angela I noticed an instant difference in him. He was more relaxed and positive than I had seen him in months. I noticed he stayed like this and when he started to worry or stress he could take his mind away to another place to calm down and remove the stress and worry within minutes. It has made such a difference to his quality of life and we will definitely see Angie again for anything we may need in the future.

Holly, Brisbane, QLD

I first visited Angela because I was having various difficulties coping with the grief associated with losing my Mum and Gran in the same week in 2006. Added to that, things were proving difficult following our emigration here in March 2008, for all sorts of reasons. I immediately felt at ease with Angela, as though I had known her for ages, so it was no trouble to open up to her. She is a very caring, warm person, who always wants the best for her clients. She has an array of options with which to treat her clients, and often uses a combination according to your needs. I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone who needs a lift in their life for any reason. Angela does not judge, she just treats in her own special way.

Joanne, Little Mountain, Sunshine Coast

Angela, Thanks fo much, it is amazing how much simpler it all seems. The feeling of calm is quite amazing and the focus has returned.

Terence, Sunshine Coast, QLD

After one session with Angela, my life has changed. The happiness switch is turned on and everything is now simple. Fun, laughter and happiness have replaced the negative blocks.

Lynda, Sunshine Coast

Through NLP & Hypnosis Angela has shown me how to hold on to good feelings and not get so emotional and caught up in life’s dramas. It took a few weeks and just when you think it is not working, you realise how much it is! I am really surprised how different I feel.”

Tracey – Qld Australia

The hypno-massage was the best thing I could have done for myself – it is amazing! Angela was professional and approachable – she made me feel comfortable straight away. After only one hypno-massage, my stress and anxiety levels just melted away. That night I had the best sleep in years and found the effects rolled over the next day; I felt unbelievably relaxed and energised. I would recommend it to anyone, especially those who need a refresher, a boost or an incredibly tranquil experience. It offers so much more than the usual massage experience and has longer lasting effects. I don’t know how she does it but I still feel fantastic. It is incredible – everyone needs to try this!”

Rebecca, Sunshine Coast. QLD

Hi Angela. It seems unbelievable when I think back just 5 weeks before my last session with you, I was depressed, having trouble sleeping, irritable and struggling to maintain relationships with those dearest to me – my family. I was in a hole and sinking fast. All that has changed. It almost feels like a different me. I’m sleeping really well. My relationships at home have never been better, in fact all my interactions with others have improved and I’ve developed the self belief to attract a job that pays nearly twice that of my old job. Thanks again Angela

Steve, Sunshine Coast QLD

About weight loss

I have been losing weight steadily now since March, at the start I was 11st 6lb and now (on the 9th October 2011) I weigh 9st.2lb and I am still losing the weight.

I have so much more energy, more confidence and I am no longer the fat slob who couldn’t be bothered to move. I am now a happier, slimmer me and I can honestly say, without my Mum’s help and without her hypnosis I wouldn’t be where I am today and for that I am truly greatful for everything she has done for me 🙂

Sarah Purcell, Whitby, North Yorkshire. UK

Well 2012 is about to close and what a year I have had! It has been hard work but so worth it. I have lost nearly 35 kgs in weight, been to the gym for the first time in my life, eaten healthy, exercised everyday, found I love boxing, rode a bike for the first time in my life and most importantly I changed my whole mindset and my outlook on Life. My husband as his wife back, my children have a mother who now leads them by example. I truly can’t thank Angela enough for the time she invested in me, she listened, understood, supported, guided and gave great advice. My sessions with Angela empowered me to take control back and I have lead myself ever since. Yes what a difference in just 12 mths. However, when I first met Angela I couldn’t even look at her, let alone myself in the mirror, I hated myself, had no self respect, no self esteem, no confidence and I couldn’t talk for crying after being bullied. Angela was patient with me, made me feel safe and helped me find myself again. I was already formula with hypnosis as I had used it in childbirth and I knew this would help me and it did. I’ve follow my own path since, picking up tools and using them along the way. In fact, I have been helped recently by so many amazing people and been blessed a number of times this year, which has come from me taking that first step to visit Angela. I’m so incredibly grateful that I just can’t even begin to describe it. The massive influence that it has had on my life this year and my beautiful family. So I just wanted to shout it out publicly how fantastic Angela is …. thank you

Janet, Sunshine Coast

It was a great pleasure to be a part of Angela’s weight loss group. It felt fantastic to inspire other people and see them grow in trusting themselves, each week. I have worked with Angela now for just over 12 mths on my weight loss and self esteem. I truly can’t thank her enough for the time she has invested in me and the others within the group. Angela cares, listens, she understands, she supports, guides and gives great advice. And when this is combined with the power of hypnosis you achieve fantastic outcomes. I continued to loss weight and I am now 38 kilos down on my weight loss journey. I have learnt so much more about myself and have learnt to trust and believe in myself once again. I now have more confidence and I now know that I will continue to lead myself to success and achieve my ambitions. The sessions empowered me to take this control back over my life and to focus on aiming for my future goals. However, when I first met Angela It was a very different story, I couldn’t even look at her, let alone myself in the mirror, I hated myself, had no self respect, no self esteem, no confidence and I couldn’t talk for crying. Angela was patient and understanding with me, made me feel safe and helped me to find myself again. I’m so incredibly grateful to her, that I just can’t even begin to describe it, so thank you Angela. If you are seriously thinking of being a part of the next weight loss group, just go for it, with your heart and soul and aim to have success in your life 🙂

Janet, Sunshine Coast QLD

I have just finished a six week weight loss program through Hypnotherapy with Angela and I am feeling like I have come so far in that time that I can hardly remember who I used to be. Because of my experiences with hypnotherapy in the past I thought for sure that it was just not for me. However after many years, my curiosity enticed me into trying it again hoping that maybe this time it would work. Angela has such a caring and nurturing way that I felt totally comfortable in her presence and was able to relax and allow the process to happen. My controlling nature had not permitted me to do this before. Each week was a new experience and I felt very happy with my progress. During this time I have gained so much support and encouragement from the girls in the group but most of all Angela herself. She truly knows what Hypnotherapy is all about and also the Life Skills that are necessary for us to change the habits that have been engrained in us so deeply. I am looking forward to what may lie ahead for me in all areas of my life and can honestly say that the sessions I have had with her have shown me that this reprogramming is the basis for the changes that can make this happen. Thank you Angela for giving me such a beautiful experience and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Lisle Sunshine Coast, QLD

I joined Angela’s weight loss group, mostly out of curiosity, but also because I know I need to change the bad habits I have developed in the past 6 years with comfort eating. In the 2 years prior to meeting Angela I have gained 20kgs. Having been slim for most of my life, I’ve found it really hard to be motivated to exercise and eat healthy while feeling so heavy and uncomfortable all the time. I’m so pleased to report that in the past 6 weeks I’ve stopped eating for comfort, I haven’t eaten ice-cream, my portion sizes have decreased, I’m choosing healthier foods and…. I feel like running! I’ve had surgery in the middle of the 6 week program, so I can’t exercise yet, but I have this urge too. What’s interesting about the process is its been easy. Not the typical suggestive hypnosis I imagined, but a gentle guidance to explore my own psyche for the answers. I love that I feel more in control and more accepting of who I am regardless of my weight. I’m looking forward to seeing where this takes me. It feels like the journey has just begun and a whole new me is emerging. And as for Angela, she is amazing! Gentle, honest, genuine, compassionate and intelligent and you can tell she operates from an understanding & knowing that only comes from experience.Angela would be the first person I would recommend for hypnosis to anyone, regardless of where they are.

Sunshine Coast, QLD

Not sure where to start in trying to put into words the effect your sessions have had on my life. Our last session in particular, where we did Timeline therapy and Hypnosis has improved my self belief no end. Without delving too deeply what we covered, I can only say that it enabled me to reach my goal of getting up on stage as a fitness model in May 2014. Prior to this every aspect of trying to achieve this goal seemed difficult, the diet, the training, the commitment required, the motivation. I just found it all hard. But after changing my beliefs, I found the process amazingly easy. I’ve never had so much motivation for achieving a goal in my whole life. I loved the whole process, I loved my training, I loved the diet and I loved the end result. Getting up on stage was the most amazing confidence builder and I now know I can do anything I set my mind to. As a 43 year old mother of two small children, this truly is one of my greatest achievements!

Thank you for your expertise and guidance in this area and thank you for the interest and

you showed towards me!


Maggie – Sunshine Coast, QLD