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rewire-your-brainHypnotherapy can help you control your thoughts, creating a different response and can rapidly reduce the affects of anxiety, stress, negative behaviour resulting in a sense of well being.


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Business and Personal Stress & Anxiety

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Hello! I’m Angela Farlam

Over the years, I  have helped hundreds of people to let go of anxiety, negative thinking and fears, enabling them to  bust Limiting Beliefs about what is possible.

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"In 2016 I decided I was going to de-clutter and simplify life going into my 30’s. My journey with Angela in our coaching sessions has been an eye opener into how much excess “noise” I will have in my head at any given moment. Angela is helping me to realise not only that I am my worst enemy at times but the creator of the life that I am meant to be living. Thank you Angela for continuing to provide your support, life experiences and care towards me"

Sally, Melbourne August 2016

“I had the pleasure of working with Angela as a Life Coach and found her life experience, compassion and attention to detail not only refreshing but critical in turning around not only my attitude, but my whole life. With a keen sense of humour and honesty, Angela provides excellent guidance and support and I her services are highly recommended”

Jason – Brisbane July 2016


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– when your thinking drops away and you know, thats clarity Do you remember moments spending ages mulling something over? Do you struggle making decisions and then, out of the blue know the answer? I know I  struggle at times making...

Stress Free – Hypnosis Recording MP3 Download
Stress Free – Hypnosis Recording MP3 Download

I utilise hypnosis as a transformational coach and helping clients through conversation to access their own source of wellbeing. Change happens in that space beyond thought but it is impossible not to think.  However, those moments when we are...

Relationship Crisis
Relationship Crisis

People talk about crisis all the time whether regarding our personal relationships or the state of the nation.  I grew up thinking a crisis was a bad thing, something to avoid at all costs, Something to fear, I was wrong. Now I see it...