Executive Mind Coaching

Would you like to avoid the cat and get the cheese?

Most coaches are selling their skill and follow an old outdated template, which is inadvertently aimed at the coach and can sometimes sound like the coach is desperate for you to realize how good they are!

And ok, I admit that I did this too in the past, but always had a nagging feeling that there was a better way to serve people.

Once I learned the secret, everything became much easier and enabled me to feel 100% congruent in sharing with you, what I know to be true.

So What about the Cat and the cheese?

In way of an explanation. A mouse has two prime directives.
1. Avoid Cat
2. Get cheese

The metaphor being that the cat is the old style of coaching.

Mind Coaching involves listening intently, and through our conversation learn what is cheese to you. This gives us a starting point.

Some people don’t even know what ‘their cheese’ is. Some clients are so stuck in a rut around their business and old limiting patterns of thinking that they wouldn’t smell the cheese even if it was in front of their nose.

My job is to restore your smell receptors (metaphor) so that you can appreciate with clear vision and actually taste the smell of success, not only for your business, but also within every aspect of your life.

The initial chat will take around an hour, time when we can focus on you and your challenges.

If at the end of the conversation I think the way I work can help you and vice versa, I will spend some time preparing an action plan and schedule an appointment to explain the proposal to you.

There is no obligation for you until the moment you decide that you agree to a personalized plan.

What Sparked My Journey of becoming an Executive & Personal Mind Coach



Although the title is for positivity, its more about being able to quiet your mind from the negative thoughts, and when your mind is quiet, you can pay attention to new thought that may appear more positive.

Mind Coaching Packages

one session, six sessions or twelve weeks
Help With Anxiety & Stress in Business Package – 12 x Week Coaching Program

Help With Anxiety & Stress in Business Package – 12 x Week Coaching Program

Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching Change Package

Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching Change Package

One individual Hypnotherapy/Coaching Breakthrough Session

One individual Hypnotherapy/Coaching Breakthrough Session

Tailored to your Needs

We are all individual and unique so I don’t have one template that fits all but some things are the same which are:

*Weekly Calls
*Email support
*A promise to get back to you within 24 hours with any questions you
* Homework will be given and this often involves reading a book that is
posted to you as a gift as part of the treatment.

The first step is the hardest, then as enthusiasm is fired up the first few sessions can flow easily but then there can be a hiccup as the mind objects to straying too far from the comfort zone. This time is critical, it is essential to keep moving forward and this is where I am behind you all the way!

All sessions are individually tailored to your needs.  Before sessions start we will have a coaching conversation lasting between 90 minutes and 2 hours. This will give us time to clarify the best coaching for your requirements. (This is all included in the special 12 week Reset Your Mind Coaching Package.)

If at the end of the period you decide to continue onto the Transformational Coaching 12 x month Package. The cost of this coaching package will be deducted from the course.

Are you in?

Find the key to your innate health with my help as your guide, Release anxiety and gain clarity as you achieve goals with more ease

Who and how this coaching can help:

Relationships – Insight into your own unconscious patterns which can change your whole view of yourself and everyone you know

Business –  Understand how we all live in a seperate reality and how you can reach goals with much more ease & less stress

Health – Understand more about you,  your habits,  your behaviours, addictions, negative thinking, weight problems

Increased Focus

Increased Clarity

Increased Connection

Increased Well Being

Increased Wealth

Decreased Stress

Decreased Anxiety

Decreased Worry

Decreased Anger

Decreased Frustration

Transformational Packages

escape and focus
THREE DAY INTENSIVE: Coaching for success and clarity

THREE DAY INTENSIVE: Coaching for success and clarity

Transformational Coaching Change Package

Transformational Coaching Change Package

In 2016 I decided I was going to de-clutter and simplify life going into my 30’s. My journey with Angela in our coaching sessions has been an eye opener into how much excess “noise” I will have in my head at any given moment. Angela is helping me to realise not only that I am my worst enemy at times but the creator of the life that I am meant to be living. Thank you Angela for continuing to provide your support, life experiences and care towards me –   Sally, Melbourne August 2016

I saw a blog post written by Ann Betz and thought you might learn something of value from reading her words.


(Annbetz is a researcher into the neuroscience of coaching, leadership and effectiveness. An International coach and facilitator, lyrical poet of consciousness. Founding partner, BEabove Leadership, since 2004.)

“Write down 10 things you would do in your life if you had absolutely no fear.  Then pick one of them and do it” – Steve Chandler