What is Clinical Hypnotherapy?

There is something we call “Clinical Hypnotherapy” and then there is ‘Hypnosis’

I utilise hypnosis within my practice and often call myself a ‘hypno-junkie’. Having been blown away with the personal effects noticed during the first training I completed in 2004 with the London College of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

For more details about hypnosis and the benefits I invite you to watch the video.  But,  be aware  the recording is a couple of years old, my glasses are straight these days, the hair a little longer and blonder and hopefully I am even a tad wiser with deeper insight into the inside out nature of life.

For more clarity on how hypnosis can help, I invite you to click here and view personal testimonials that show the benefits of hypnosis and various changes and  my clients have experienced

Although the results often show quickly and in some cases in just after one session, I never get blasé about the results.

The power of the unconscious mind never fails to amaze me as I witness change often happening quite quickly from a release of old negative patterns of behaviour,  habits, addictions and limiting beliefs.

To truly clear the cause of old limiting patterns and beliefs a course of treatment is more beneficial than a one off session and for the best results a course of six appointments held weekly at first ensures, as science proves, the building of a new neural pathway to replace the old corrupt habit or behaviour.

Hypnosis is a fabulous tool in helping you quiet the noise in your mind..  When you slow down on the inside, you  are able to hear the wisdom that is always there within.

Whether I am using formal hypnosis or conversation mind changing conversation the result I am aiming for is always the same, which is to point you away from the direction you have been looking for the answer to the inside.

Life happens from the inside out, we live in the experience of our moment to moment thinking, we experience life as we are.  Often described as seperate realities, we all filter in different ways depending on our learning over the years, how we have developed through our experiences, the beliefs, values and ideas we have attached to create our ego, personality and Identity.

What Hypnosis is and what it isn’t

I always explain to my clients what hypnosis is and what it isn’t but I won’t explain that to you here.

I won’t go into detail about how you take control of your mind rather than it controlling you, or that I am just the guide and am helping you to access the resources that are already within you.

I would rather have a conversation with you  about the magic of hypnosis.

Do you feel stuck?

Do you want to change something in your life or the way you think?

Then give me a call and we can have a conversation.

You have to be prepared to get out of your comfort zone!

How can it look like it's so much easier for others to lose weight?
Feeling fat, fed up and longing to look like those slim people in the gym?
As your life coach, Angela brings a wealth of experience, both personal and professional skill to help her clients let go of old limiting patterns of behaviour and negative thinking, allowing them to realise their own innate wisdom and clarity.

Clinical Hypnotherapy can help you learn insights and lessons to deepen your own understanding about Life and your innate wellbeing. My own coach and hypnotherapist is my best investment in helping me grow my business and realise my innate wellbeing.

Ok.. you read this far so you obviously are interested in knowing a little more…

What I will say is that although Clinical Hypnotherapy helps millions of people.  Over the years I have found that people tend to try hypnosis as a last resort.


People are sceptical and sometimes a little bit fearful, as if I am going to take over their mind, discover their deepest, darkest secrets and maybe have them walk like a chicken!

When it comes to my friends and family, I have to admit to teasing them a little about my ‘super powers’, although,  in reality I do not have control over my clients’ mind.  Infact, as I explain to every person who attends for hypnosis, I am just a guide, I can’t hypnotise anyone, it is about you being willing to go along with my suggestions.

It is all about you learning to take control of your brain rather than it controlling you!

What Happens in a Hypnotherapy Session

In a session, some people are aware of everything I say, others feel like they have drifted off into a daydream and only catch certain words,  either way is perfectly ok.

I am really not interested in what the conscious mind is doing and whether you find yourself listening along, I am more interested in engaging with the unconscious part of you, that is where the magic happens.

My clients’ awaken after a trance with a wonderful sense of wellbeing, feeling very relaxed.  Some feel that they were not really hypnotised and thats ok too.  It’s surprising how time can pass by quickly when you are relaxed and unaware.

When I am asked about stage hypnosis,  I honestly confirm that what I do is the same, except rather than having you eat an onion and believe it to be an apple, or have you seeing naked people, we utilise all the hypnotic phenomena to create dramatic change in your life.

I call myself a ‘hypno-junkie’ and love how hypnosis helps me and others to quiet the noise inside the mind,  allowing us to  connect with the wisdom that is within each of us as human beings.

I have many met and worked and trained with many other people and this is just the hypnosis training part of my life.  I also have experience of being trained as a psychiatric nurse and many, many years working in retail and catering on a self employed basis.

I am sure I must be over 100 years old and not 58 as I was on my last birthday (12th feb 2017).

 The Showing Off Bit

I have many qualifications for hypnosis including A Diploma of Modern Psychology.

James T and I celebrating the completion of our 18 x Day NLP practitioner course in Queensland.

James T and I celebrating the completion of our 18 x Day NLP practitioner course in Queensland.

I have trained with The London College of Clinical Hypnotherapy and have been fortunate to train to Trainer level in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), with both founders of NLP,  Richard Bandler in London and with  John Grinder here in Australia.

I have not only trained with the awesome NLP wizard  James Tsakalos but also co-trained an 18 x day nlp practitioner course that I organised here in Queensland.

And I can’t forget one of my favourite trainers who I have had the pleasure to learn with on many occasions as he lives and works in Noosa, and this is Alistair Horscroft.

My most recent and ongoing training is the Clarity Practitioner Certificate with Jamie Smart.  Due to complete in June 2017, I am already utilising my understanding and grounding around the inside out nature of life personally through my own personal insights, which I share with clients by gently showing them a new direction of seeing life.

The principles behind Clarity point to the fact that we all have an innate capacity for wellbeing, to feel good, to learn and have insights and for our mind to clear allowing us to form a deep connection with others.

Richard Bandler one of the founders of NLP (neuroscience-linguistic-programming-linguistic programming

Talking to Richard Bandler in 2006. One of my greatest teachers, he showed me how to let go of my own fears and when I did, everything else seemed easy.